Posted by: fateaglescout | February 13, 2010

Delay and Failure

Aaron Rodgers would want me to keep focused.

I have to admit, I’ve strayed.  The holidays made it too easy, of course, and it is not quiet the season for getting out.  But that sounds too much like an excuse.  This is more of a mea culpa.  I should be better.  I have not strayed from my desires or plans, but I have let them move out of focus.  I have not been mindful of the fact that I must eat well and exercise now in order to do what I like later.  Worse, I’ve lost sight of the point of this blog.  It was to be both a record of my experiences out doors and a means to keep myself accountable.  I have been diligent in recording my hikes, but have not been so honest in my self reporting.  I suppose that once it got to cold to hike, I figured I had nothing interesting to write about.  Unfortunately, while my struggle losing weight may not be terribly interesting, it is half of this endeavor, and I do need to get to it.

So, here  I am then, having delayed my success but not falling completely into failure.  I am not quite to where I started, if the fit of my clothes is to be believed.  But I am not as far along as I was or should be.  I am resolved to be more accountable to myself and this blog.  If possible, I would appreciate it if my friends and family reading this would also do what they can to keep me honest as well.  Ask me how I’m doing and if I haven’t written ask me why and remind me that I should.  I am out to change my life and recapture some of the good that I lost.  My now and future family deserve nothing less.


  1. Accountability? You got it! I might need some back from you though…what do you say?

  2. Absolutely. What do you propose?

  3. My changes are not nearly what Dad’s have been. Chai time is deadly here, although they have fruit & water. Pants are fitting better, but…
    Feel free to check up on me. Proud that you are intent on keeping your focus.

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