Posted by: fateaglescout | January 9, 2010

Holiday Break is Over

295 Pounds.

After my last hike, I had trouble deciding how to continue this blog.  I didn’t want to get out of the habit, but I also didn’t want it to become about my everyday life.  It was about reclaiming the outdoorsman aspect of my life while losing weight.  I thought, too, that I could discuss the challenges of maintaining weight loss during the holidays.  But that seemed too much like it’s own blog topic.  Anyway, I’m not really interested in “dieting” over the holidays.  I’m after a lifestyle change here, and the reality of the situation is that I’m not going to eat spinach salad for Thanksgiving.  I was, however, much more mindful of my holiday eating and was fairly successful in not doing too much harm.  I have a few pounds to shed to get back where I was, but I’m not in a horrible way.  That said, I do not want to leave this blog behind.  Sara got me the National Parks DVD set for Christmas and then told me she was worried that I’d gotten over the whole outdoors blog thing because I hadn’t written lately.  That hadn’t happened, but if I’d let it go much longer, it might’ve.

So, I’m writing again, although I don’t know what about.  Next month the county will be stocking some local trout streams, since February and March are the only times of the year the water is cold enough for trout in Faifax County.  So I’ll get out and do some fishing and write about that.  Any other suggestions for outdoors activities in the dead of winter would be greatly appreciated.  Anyone who wants to come is also welcome.

I’m back!

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